December 22, 2023

Tampa Bay Fashion Foundation’s Inaugural Christmas Giveback:

Spreading Joy and Empowerment

In the true spirit of this holiday season, the Tampa Bay Fashion Foundation (TBFF), a proud component of the Tampa Bay Fashion Experience, recently hosted its inaugural Christmas Giveback event. This heartwarming initiative saw a generous donation of $33,500 to two remarkable local organizations, Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa and Manifestations: School of Innovation.

Guided by the compassionate vision of Founder and CEO Taneka Bowles, TBFF is dedicated to blending fashion with philanthropy to make a positive impact in the Tampa Bay community. The Christmas Giveback embodies this commitment, focusing on supporting minority youth and low-income families served by Gentlemen’s Quest of Tampa and Manifestations: School of Innovation.

The core of this initiative was a substantial $25,000 contribution directly benefiting 11 deserving families. Three families received $5,000, two families received $2,000, and six families received $1,000. This financial assistance was a lifeline for these families, helping them settle past due bills, cover rent, and provide Christmas gifts for their children.

But the surprises didn’t end there. The remaining families experienced an unexpected joy as they randomly picked gift cards from a Christmas tree, ranging from $200 to $1,000. The excitement and emotions ran high as families were unaware of what they were getting until the big reveal at the event.

The atmosphere was filled with tears of joy as families expressed gratitude for the unexpected blessings. Every family, without exception, went home with a monetary gift, a gesture that undoubtedly made their holiday season brighter and more hopeful.

Adding a touch of festive delight, the families were treated to a 1 1/2-hour exclusive skate session at United Skates Tampa. This delightful experience, generously donated by the skating rink, added an extra layer of joy to an already magical day.

The Christmas Giveback event, held at United Skates of America on December 15, 2023, witnessed an incredible turnout, with more than 200 people in attendance. The support from the Tampa Bay community was heartening, emphasizing the shared commitment to uplifting those in need during the holiday season.

As we wrap up the heartwarming tale of Tampa Bay Fashion Foundation’s inaugural Christmas Giveback, we invite you to witness the magic for yourself. Our exclusive gallery captures the smiles, tears of joy, and the spirit of generosity that filled the event. Scroll down to view the gallery and be inspired by the impactful moments we shared with Tampa’s community.

The Tampa Bay Fashion Foundation’s Christmas Giveback exemplifies the true spirit of community and generosity. As we celebrate the joyous holiday season, let’s draw inspiration from these acts of kindness, knowing that together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most. This inaugural event sets a powerful precedent for future endeavors, reinforcing TBFF’s commitment to fashion with a purpose.